095- Stan Deyo -Strange Weather Patterns & Earth Events -Tesla’s Free Energy & More!

Episode 095 of the A minute To Midnite Show has Stan Deyo joining Tony for a fascinating discussion on a wide range of topics. The subjects covered begin with the strange weather events & earthquakes occurring globally. Stan briefly talks about where he believes we are on the prophetic calendar. Next he reveals the importance of asteroid impacts in the past, and how they affected the earth. This evolves into discussing the discoveries of Eden and Atlantis.

A very interesting discourse into the role that fallen angels played in early human history then ensues. Also Stan talks about Tesla’s discoveries and how they could be utilised to provide the world with efficient energy resources. He tells us of an amusing interview he did with the late Professor John Trump ( Donald Trump’s uncle),  about unpacking a mysterious package that Tesla had warned his staff and others about. He had told them that it contained a secret weapon, and  everyone, including the FBI was afraid to touch it. These and other topics are covered during the course of this interview.

095- Stan Deyo -Strange Weather Patterns & Earth Events -Tesla’s Free Energy & More!

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