094- Norm Franz – Can Trump Really Save The US Economy?

Episode 094 of the A Minute To Midnite Show sees Tony joined by Norm Franz. Norm brings great insight into what is happening in the global financial system, and explains how it is built on principles that go against those laid out in the Bible. Find out why people who are “in this system” are going to experience great loss, and possibly financial ruin when it collapses. This will include Christians who mistakenly believe God will protect their investments, when they themselves are actually enslaved by debt to the Babylonian World System. Find out why Donald Trump will not be able to “fix” things.

Norm Franz is founder and senior pastor of Ascension Ministries International (AMI). He is a Christian author, international Bible teacher, and respected biblical futurist, who ministers God’s Word from a Hebraic perspective. As a former monetary economist and investment company president, Pastor Norm is also a recognized authority on the world financial system and the problems plaguing the global economy. His highly acclaimed book,  Money & Wealth in the New Millennium, unravels the economic mysteries of the last days and offers biblical answers for overcoming the great end time financial shaking.

094- Norm Franz – Can Trump Really Save The US Economy?

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