093-America-Deception & Disaster or Peace & Prosperity?-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin,Tony K

Episode 093. Joanie Stahl Brook Ardoin and Tony K bring a powerful discussion on what is going on in America right now. Many Christians are now expecting a great turn around in the fortunes of America following the inauguration of Donald Trump. At the same time many leftists and liberals are angry and taking to the streets in protest.

Is Donald Trump going to bring peace and prosperity to America, or was he chosen by the Illuminati to bring chaos and division? What is really behind the battle between Trump and the media? Has there been any accountability from the prophetic voices that spoke out saying God had told them Obama would never leave office, or that Hillary would be the next President? What about the people that left the USA to live in South America because they had previously been told by watchmen to get out before destruction comes? Now what are they to make of the revised prognosis being proclaimed by those watchmen saying that God has now supposedly given the US a reprieve?

The participants speaking in this A Minute to Midnite Show episode desire to get people to really look at what is happening in America and round the world, and compare it to what the bible says about End Time events. Much deception is rampant at this time.

093-America-Deception & Disaster or Peace & Prosperity?-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin,Tony K

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