092-Brooklynn Wojtowicz – Former LGBT Now Passionate For Jesus

In Episode 092 of the A Minute To Midnite Show Tony is joined by Brooklyn Wojtowicz who formerly lived in an LGBT lifestyle, before being set free by Jesus Christ. Brooklynn shares her testimony here, and says that she is now “the happiest she has ever been”  since leaving her previous lifestyle and surrendering her life to Christ. She shares the journey of how she came to this place in her life, how her mother continued to love her and pray for her even when she was living a life that her mum didn’t agree with, and how Jesus revealed himself to her through dreams. Brooklynn gives us her thoughts on how Christians should approach those who are living in the LGBT community, and her insights into where she feels that many go wrong. She is also passionate about helping others who want to escape from the lifestyle that once held her captive.

092-Brooklynn Wojtowicz – Former LGBT Now Passionate For Jesus

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