088-Division Among Christians Where There Should Be Love-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K, Brad Hay

Episode 088 of the A Minute to Midnite show is an “in-house” discussion between the AMTM team of Tony k, Joanie Stahl and Brook Ardoin. Also joining them is Brad Hay.

The discussion begins with Joanie elaborating on a recent post of her’s on the AMTM website, part of which included these words: ”Just towards the end as I was reaching the last leg of the journey of 2016 I realized that earlier this year I had given a word I had misread and it did not come to pass.  In light of that reality, a person came out of nowhere to post it everywhere on the internet calling me some pretty bad names.  Not only myself, but A Minute to Midnite team members. My position on making mistakes like this is to own it, and own up to it as fast as possible.”  Joanie then goes on to explain how people that work in the prophetic gifts are not infallible and are only human, which means at times they can make mistakes.

The main thrust of the show deals with the amount of back-biting, division and lack of love that is being displayed in increasing measure amongst professing christians. This ought not to be so, because Jesus said that it would be through their love for one another that disciples should be known. But instead of this we see arguments over rapture timing beliefs, doctrinal differences, prophecies and many other issues. The team discusses how these differences often degenerate into name calling, profanity-laced slandering or nasty feuds. Throughout this show the contributors to the discussion try to bring an emphasis to the need for us to act in love rather than in self-interest. As the first AMTM show for 2017, this is basically an uplifting episode with some moments of good humour.

088-Division Among Christians Where There Should Be Love-Joanie Stahl, Brook Ardoin, Tony K,  Brad Hay

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