087- Supernaturally Set Free From Chronic Alcoholism – Emma’s Inspiring Testimony

Episode 087 of the A Minute To Midnite Show features the amazing and inspiring testimony of Emma, a former alcoholic. Emma grew up in a Christian home and was a “Pastor’s kid” who started off with a great love for God as a child, but then as a teen became entrapped in a life of alcoholism. So bad did this become, that several times as an adult she found herself on death’s door but utterly powerless to stop drinking. Even as a Christian she was unable to escape from the grip of the booze. But one day when she was at the point of total desperation, having lost all self esteem and all hope, and crying out to God she was set free in an instant. She was totally delivered of the desire for alcohol by the power of God.

Emma’s story is very inspirational. Anyone who suffers from alcoholism or other addictions, or who has severe social anxiety and low self esteem but yet desires freedom from these conditions should hear this testimony. Anyone who feels that they are too far from God to be saved, or is too sinful for God to forgive, should listen to this. It is the story of a life transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. This testimony should both inspire and challenge you the listener to go to a new level in your relationship and daily walk with God.

087-Supernaturally Set Free From Chronic Alcoholism – Emma’s Inspiring Testimony

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