A Dream of a Demonic Alien Invasion.

alien-demonic-invasion-01              Lana’s dream presented by Matt S – Dec 2016

Lana had a dream back in October 2015 this is the account of her dream. Lana had a good deal of difficulty in accepting this dream as it seemed too farfetched to be true. However in the last year or so we have heard an increasing number of discussions in the alternative Christian media, from folk who are doing more research around CERN, alien/extra terrestrial disclosure, and the acceleration of events that may indicate that we are now entering,(if not actually well into) the period described by Jesus in Matthew Chapter 24 as the “birth pangs”. I will let you read Lana’s account of her dream, and the words the Lord gave her following this. I will then present some of the ideas in Lana’s dream in the light of recent themes from both Christian and non Christian sources (research links will be provided). Lana’s dream is in blue font with a warning in red font.


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