085- Lauren Atkinson – Flu Vaccines – Microchips & the 666 Agenda

Episode 085. Lauren Atkinson joins Tony in this A Minute To Midnite interview. Lauren reveals some alarming Executive Orders that Barack Obama has quietly slipped through recently, and discusses the ramifications of Bill HR4919 that was passed in the US on December 8th 2016. This bill is set to be used for determining the types of tracking devices that can be implanted or attached to humans.

Lauren also exposes what is in the flu vaccine that has been mandatorily foisted upon many people. She also explains why flu vaccines are not effective, and yet can have detrimental side effects. Worse than that however, is how easy it now is for Government agencies under the direction of global authorities to forcibly detain and quarantine people. Those people who are detained have no real rights, recourse, or say in the matter.

Also raised in this discussion are transgenderism, trans-humanism, DNA altering and the Mark of the Beast. How do all these things tie together from a biblical prophetic viewpoint at this time? Find out more in this interesting and somewhat alarming interview.

085- Lauren Atkinson – Flu Vaccines – Microchips & the 666 Agenda

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