082- Caspar McCloud – Your Thought Life- The Music Industry- Avoiding Deceptions!

Episode 082. Tony is joined by musician, pastor, and author Caspar McCloud in part one of a two part interview series. This very interesting discussion covers a number of different topics.

First up in the discussion is the music and entertainment world.  Caspar tells us how he was led to Christ by legendary Christian guitarist Phil Keaggy. Phil and Caspar have played together many times ( * note * What an awesome musical combination). But the question is broached: Is the Christian music industry really any different form the secular music industry? Is God really at the forefront of the industry, or is it just another profit driven business? Having had a long musical career and having been on both sides of the divide, Caspar offers his thoughts on this.

Speaking of thoughts, the discussion turns to the subject of our thought life, and what it means to have the ‘Mind Of Christ”. How do we get this? Great insights are given here into difficult areas such as the following:  How do we keep our thoughts in check? How do “poisonous thoughts” affect us and our offspring?

Among other topics covered in this first interview is the Shroud Of Turin. What is it, what are the implications of recent research and discoveries around it, and how important is it?

082- Caspar McCloud – Your Thought Life- The Music Industry- Avoiding Deceptions!

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