073- Prepare for Convergence of-War-Economic Collapse & Space Weather Events

Episode 073 Of A Minute To Midnite. Important Warning!- It is time to seriously prepare NOW for the imminent likelihood of a convergence of war…even nuclear war, global economic collapse, and some type of space weather event. The all “Kiwi” contingent of Chris C., Matt S. & Tony K. discuss the apocalyptic events that appear to be very close to occurrence RIGHT NOW. A number of concerning facts are brought out here to show what we may be facing in the very near future, as we watch the apparent unfolding of Biblical End Time signs happening before our eyes. The very real threats of a nuclear war are examined here, along with the inevitable global financial collapse. Also Obama’s latest Executive Order- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events…what is that all about? The approach of Niburu? A solar or nuclear EMP? Or could it be preparation for space and weather warfare?  These and other important topics are covered in this episode, along with helpful ideas on how to prepare for these events.

073- Prepare for Convergence of-War-Economic Collapse & Space Weather Events

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