Ancient Plans In A New Guise


                                       Matt S October 7th 2016 Part 9.

I have put together a group of three pictures above as I could not quite find one to cover the topic for this week. A representation of the serpent or “nachash” (Hebrew for bright and shining one) in the garden, a picture representing the tower of Babel and a picture depicting the friends of the Rothschild’s and various satanic/luciferian rituals. How do these things fit together and where does narcissism fit into this picture?

Last week I discussed how there may be some connections between families such as the Rothschild’s, groups such as the illuminati and narcissism. In this article I will attempt to draw you a picture of how this may be so. When you read 2nd Thessalonians 2: 7 (NIV bible describes this well) this describes a secret power of lawlessness. We know that satan is a deceiver and a schemer (check the numerous bible references to this) We know that a great part of satan’s behaviour is covert/deceptive activity. We know that satan constantly seeks to undermine God and his people.


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