Don’t get side-tracked by dubious “Doomsday Prophecies”


This was taken from a post that Brook Ardoin wrote and put up on the A Minute To Midnite Facebook group today. I feel it is important to share it here on the website too. (Tony K)

Hi Everyone!
I have a very important message to the group. God-willing you will all have understanding as to why I am writing this. It has come to the attention of the entire MTM Team that in the last several days, the Internet is suddenly OVERLOADED w/ “doomsday” articles/videos. There is suddenly a HOST of “prophetic words FROM GOD” so-to-speak, that I can’t keep UP! I’m not surprised. Why? Because those who are CREDIBLE & actually HEARING from God are all on the same page as far as “something” coming likely by Nov that the Lord will allow. It will come suddenly & all will “feel” it. Though none have stated WHAT it may be, some HAVE given a general time frame of anywhere in the next 60 days. (Or through end of Oct).

Suddenly, everywhere I turn, pple I do NOT know are I believe CARELESSLY throwing out “Words” they say are from GOD. And I mean they’re giving exact time frames w/ CATASTROPHIC events.

Please do not send ANY of this to us to post. It’s nothing personal, but NO WAY can we put out something that someone we do not know is stating w/ Gods NAME behind it. Yes, we published the Word that the Lord gave Joanie & posted what the Lord spoke to Pastor Faircloth. We also have close ties w/ Mena Lee Grebin. These pple whom we are connected with, YES, we will send out their messages if the Lord gives them something for everyone. Or, if someone like Perry Stone or Jonathan Cahn or Nathan Leal may post some type of warning or message the Lord gave them, then we will likely post it unless the Lord says otherwise.

Understand, we may not “know” Jonathan Cahn personally, but these types of men & women we have been following for LONG TIME now. And if you trust us, knowing this team IS a team who gets before the Almighty DAILY, then you trust the Lord gives us discernment of WHO are His true sheep & not wolves in SHEEPS clothing!

It is not only careless, but it would be FOOLISH to post the likes of all I have been reading the last few days. I do not think there has EVER been a time so many have come out of nowhere stating “Thus says the Lord.” WHY would you be surprised? You know what the Lord tells me this is? This is an attempt to bring chaos & CONFUSION at a time that is already unsettling. The enemy is trying to bring GREAT FEAR & confusion to Gods people. Also, by mixing IN all sorts of “words” from every direction WITH the Words that are TRUELY FROM HIM, the REAL message gets LOST IN THE CHAOS.

I implore you to NOT EVEN READ posts made by someone you DO NOT KNOW or that you have NOT been following for a long time that you KNOW their fruits & KNOW beyond doubt they have walked the strait & narrow path. IGNORE IT. Don’t POST, don’t SHARE, don’t LAY YOUR EYES on it long enough for it to get into your soul. Stick to the groups/people you KNOW are looking out for you & who, like us, will NOT just post anything; stick to ONLY those you KNOW are true servants of the Lord Jesus & HEAR His voice.

Look what that asteroid story did. That was first time I just went ahead & posted something like that w/out the Lords approval. Merely to see what you thought about something like THAT going around. It brought FEAR & confusion. And IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN! Plus, some I guess heard that first original video, then next thing u knew, asteroid articles & videos & “words from God” the asteroid was to hit THIS MORNING AT 4am were even on Christian RADIO!! Have you EVER known a time that it has BEEN THIS CRAZY??!!!

All this confirms to me is that those who are truly Gods servants that He gave Words to in order to have you prepare SPIRITUALLY are RIGHT ON! Now the enemy is putting out disinformation NON-STOP to get our attention OFF the main message. And it’s WORKING for many of Gods people!! What Joanie, Pastor Faircloth, & Mena has all been thrown out w/ yesterday’s news & many are scouring the Net awaiting the NEXT thing to come out.

Please hear me & use this as a lesson. STOP if your one of these online ALL DAY putting this garbage into your soul! Focus on words from who you KNOW you can trust & anything else please stay away from for YOUR benefit!

Forgive me for going on, but I am very concerned about what I am seeing is happening to water down the true words from the Lord. Priority is to GET ALONE w/ Him every DAY. Surrender your lives to Him & thank Him for protecting your eyes & ears! Ask that HE SEND you what HE needs you to know & to help you have great discernment in this chaotic time. HE will never bring chaos, confusion, fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. Limit your online time & INCREASE the time alone in Him! Trust He will give you exactly what You need – no more, no less!!!

God Bless & may you shut out all voices that are not of Him!

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