061- Jeff Hutcheon- Orphan Spirit vs Spirit Of Sonship

Episode 061 of A Minute To Midnite features an interview with Jeff Hutcheon who has  key role in an organization called Kingdom Teams. The “K Teams” are being sent into very DARK PLACES to reach people with the Kingdom message, and preparing them for difficult times that are soon coming to America.! Jeff and Derek are helping in rallying men to carry out their own kingdom assignments- THEIR purpose and the plan of God in their lives.

Jeff stated, “we are teaching them what Jesus said; to love their neighbor as themselves, BUT, they cannot DO this because we are finding they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE THEMSELVES.”

This is a great message for anyone who wants to see the return of A Book of Acts type of church!!

061- Jeff Hutcheon- Orphan Spirit vs Spirit Of Sonship



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