059-Derek Fullmer- Kingdom Teams & An Amazing End Time Assignment-Wow!

Episode 059 Of A Minute To Midnite has Derek Fullmer  join Tony. They discuss an organization that Derek founded, and how powerful teams of Christian men have been made ready for the chaos that is ahead in the US and the world at large. God has assigned an awesome mission to them. These teams have been tasked to make enormous preparations for spreading the gospel, providing food & water, and a host of other amazing assignments in anticipation of mass chaos, persecution and even martial law scenarios. They have used the Book of Acts, and the likes of Joseph in the Old Testament  to create a blueprint for an absolutely stunning widespread network that is ready to launch into operation as soon as it is required. If you have been wondering how you could fit into God’s End Times preparations, and if you are wanting to be part of a brave and courageous Christian remnant; then DON’T MISS this show!

059-Derek Fullmer- Kingdom Teams & An Amazing End Time Assignment-Wow!

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