051- Prepping & The Bible – Doing Nothing May Cost Your Life!

Episode 051 Of A Minute To Midnite has Matt and Tony together discussing a range of issues. Starting with the Orlando massacre, the economy and the rise of gold & silver they then move onto some of  the events that could transpire leading to a disaster situation and the need to be prepared. Matt outlines the contents of a simple “bug out” bag that could see a person survive for up to 3 days in an emergency situation.  The discussion leads on to the question: What does the Bible say about prepping? The conclusion reached is that it actually has a lot to say on this subject! This would be an excellent show to hear if you have any doubts about whether or not prepping is scriptural, and/or if you want to know where to start with a disaster preparation preparation kit  if for some reason you can’t be at home. This may be either a) because you have to leave quickly or b) you find yourself away from home when a disaster ( or perhaps martial law)strikes.

051- Prepping & The Bible – Doing Nothing May Cost Your Life! – A Minute to Midnite


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