049- John Little ( Part 1) – Last Days Are Now & Jerusalem Is The Key!

Episode 049. Tony is joined by John Little of Omegashock.com in this the first part of a two part interview for aminutetomidnite.com. In Luke chapter 24 Jesus stated that one last generation would see all the signs fulfilled leading to his second coming. John explains why he believes we are now 50 years into that last generation, and why Jerusalem is at the center of the fulfillment of the End Time Prophecies. They discuss the land of Israel, and try to bring some balance to what is often a controversial and divisive issue. They bring to light the influence of the Rothschilds, the Illuminists and freemason’s on the State of Israel, but counter balance this with scriptures that clearly point to God’s design of having this land under the control of Jews when the time of the gentiles is fulfilled. Both John and Tony believe in the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish nation and  with Jerusalem as it’s capital, and yet at the same time they don’t gloss over the fact that Satan also has designs on that land and a degree o control over it at this time. John Little spent a number of years living in Jerusalem, and he paints a picture of the truth of what it is like to be a believer in Jesus Christ in a country that rejects Yeshua as their messiah at this point in time. Listeners can learn a lot in this interview to help them achieve a good balance on the truth of these often confusing issues.

049- John Little ( Part 1) – Last Days Are Now & Jerusalem Is The Key!

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