Prophetic Dream-The Sound of the Last Trump is Upon Us

Last Trumpet picture

By Joanie Stahl June 2016

Excerpt from the article:

The man that handed me the trumpet is normally in the majority of my dreams. In my opinion, he is some form of heavenly representative. The fact that the trumpet did not come out of the box, but straight from his hand, means it is heavenly. It appeared with the man out of nowhere.  Its white color signifies purity. Moreover, as I held it in my hand, I looked up at the wall and noticed a space below the arc of lights and the Menorah. I hung them up in this space. In my dream, I realized that this trump was indeed the last trump. Upon thinking of why the man handed me the trumpet to be the very last item hung up, it became obvious to me that all was in place – the time is now. In addition, recalling how I stood staring and marveling at it, eludes a sense of responsibility. Because it was the last and final item handed to me, I know there can be no excuses in paying attention to the final, closing minutes of this Church Age.


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