044- L.A. Marzulli -Economic Collapse – Nephilim, Giants, Aliens, 666 DNA Altering

Episode 044 of A Minute to Midnite features an interview with author and researcher L. A. Marzulli. L.A and Tony discuss a range of very interesting topics relating to today’s world. L.A. Marzulli believes that we are likely to soon  see an economic collapse and increasing major upheavals upon the earth that will affect everyone in the world. This will be used to herald the New World Order and ultimately lead to the implementation of the Mark Of The Beast under an Antichrist world leader. L.A believes that the 666 mark will be a DNA altering implant. He explains this in the interview. As a result of the impending chaos we may see an  “alien disclosure”. These so-called “aliens” are infact nefarious beings known in the bible as Nephilim. They are hybrids of fallen angels and humans. Many other topics including the DNA testing of elongated skulls and the upcoming Watchers X DVD are covered in this fascinating discussion.

044- L.A. Marzulli -Economic Collapse-Nephilim-Giants-Aliens-666 DNA Altering

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