043-Moral Demise Of America & The West – Joanie Stahl-Brook A-Matt S-Tony K

In Episode 043 of A Minute To Midnite Joanie, Tony, Brook  and Matt discuss the demise of America and the West, as the fall in morality spirals rapidly. Has America become virtually unrecognizable for anyone who isn’t  a spring chicken? How can children and young people negotiate their way through the confusion that is being slammed in their faces daily? Obama with all his under the radar bills and executive orders, is talked about in the show. The supposedly “affordable” Obamacare is slammed. Then his pushing through of the transgender bathroom agenda is discussed. The question is asked: Why don’t parents have a say in the transgender bathroom issue in schools? Who gives the tiny minority the right to decide everyone else’s morality? Also the fact that most people don’t bat an eyelid at the issue of abortion is also raised. And how are children supposed to have any sense of morality when they spend their lives glued to playing violent  and occult inspired video games? What can Christian parents do to instill traditional values into their children, when all of those values are being rapidly destroyed in the world around them?

God has been tossed out of most people’s lives and out of the nation, and yet people are expecting America to become great again! Why should God elevate America or any other nation to be great and prosperous when all these things and more are not only going unchecked, but are increasing? These and other topics are covered in this video.

043-Moral Demise Of America & The West – Joanie Stahl-Brook A-Matt S-Tony K

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