All Heads Bowed and All Eyes Closed: ‘Hidden’ Salvation In the Present Day Church


                                                       Written By Brook A.

(Note: This is an Extract From the Article)

You may be wondering what it is about this part of the service that has my spirit so very uneasy – let me try to explain. Granted, if you are not attending a church to have witnessed what I am about to explain, be thankful. I am about to shed some light on a huge area of the present crippled church. I am speaking of this silent, “hidden” salvation, for lack of a better way to put it. The sermon is given and in closing, the Pastor then invites all who have not made Jesus Christ their personal Lord and Savior a chance to do so. Hopefully he will spend some time explaining what salvation actually is and back it up with sound scripture, especially since this IS, or should be, the most critical part of the entire service. Unfortunately, I have found that even the explanation is minimal at best these days. Then, it is what comes next that had me so uncomfortable in my seat, that an array of emotions always swept over me. He asks to see a show of hands of all those who desire salvation, but BEFORE this is done, he instructs everyone in the entire building to bow their heads and close their eyes, (emphasis added). He acknowledges that he sees the hands lifted and states, “with every head bowed and with all eyes closed, everyone repeat after me.” The congregation follows instruction and after all eyes are again opened, everyone claps and yells out praises for “God only knows who”, that just were saved.


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