040- Josh Peck & Christina Peck – UFO’s, Aliens & The Great Deception

In Episode 40  of the A minute to Midnite show Tony is joined by Josh & Christina Peck. They discuss the topic of UFO’s and aliens. What are they, where do they come from, and what is their agenda? Josh has done extensive research into this subject and he shares some of his knowledge in this interview. Christina personally had a very close encounter with a UFO when she was growing up. She shares details of that here. She also describes a second experience which she has never shared before with anyone except for her family.

Josh and Christina Peck are well known for their work with SkywatchTV, and also with the Sharpening Report. Josh has written several books on this topic, and in this interview he and Christina share many great insights into the mysterious world of aliens, their occult connection, and their likely ties with the coming Great Deception associated a global religion and world government (New World Order, alien disclosure).

Ep 040- Josh Peck & Christina Peck – UFO’s, Aliens & The Great Deception

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