A Dream Of Two Ships – Devastating War

A view from the forward deck of the battleship USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62) as her 16-inch guns are fired off the starboard side during a deployment off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon.

                                        Written By Joanie Stahl ( April 2016)

Every now and then, we receive emails from our listeners telling us of their dreams and visions they are having. While many of them are amazing and intriguing. We are careful to read them with respect to the Lord. After all, these dreams are given from Him to these people on a personal level. Though we can, through prayer, ask the Lord for interpretation, we want to always encourage everyone who does send us their dreams and visions to get before the Lord first on their own. And stick with it until the Lord who gave the dreams and visions to them, reveal to them what He is showing to them.

This is critical in growth and advancement as Christians. God is teaching all of us who do receive dreams and visions from Him, to exercise this gift in the privacy of secret prayer. If He gives us these dreams and visions personally, He means to reveal it to us as He decides. And those who have been given this gift have learned to wait for interpretations as long as it takes.

This is His way. And this must be our way.

However, this is not to discourage anyone who still wants to share. We have to leave it open to the Lord, if perhaps He does want people to share with us. There are no absolutes. And we always want to hear from our listeners.

This is one dream in particular that we received and felt that it was good to share. I was happy to pray about it and respond to Kim’s dream.


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