038- Michael Snyder – Economic Collapse Looms-Are You Prepared?

A Minute To Midnite Episode 038 begins with Michael Snyder and Tony discussing the global economy and how there is a convergence of so many signs that are pointing to an imminent financial collapse. We are already seeing full blown collapses in Brazil and Venezuela, bank bail-ins in Italy, emergency meetings over banks in Europe, and even meetings between Obama and his administration & Janet Yellen of the Fed Reserve. The warnings to prepare for economic collapse in America and the rest of the weld are obvious.  Later in the show Michael talks about how so many Christians are not preparing because they think they will be raptured before troubles escalate. He then discusses his new book titled ‘The Rapture Verdict’ with Tony. Towards the end of the show the topic returns to give practical advice on how to prepare for what is coming.

038- Michael Snyder – Economic Collapse Looms-Are You Prepared?

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