036- Joanie Stahl – Mayhem, Trojan Horse & A Chain Link Fence

Episode 036 Of A Minute To Midnite has Joanie, Matt and Tony discuss a dream Joanie had recently regarding the migration of Muslims into the USA and other western countries. The threat of terrorism from the likes of ISIS and radical groups is talked about. Is this a Trojan Horse used by Islam to ultimately takeover the West? Just how far will this spread, and what will the effects be?

We have all seen the horrors such as beheadings and rapes done by radical groups, and it rightfully angers people. But Joanie also reminds us that God loves muslims also, and His heart is to want the salvation of even the worst of these terrorists. Jesus died for the salvation of anyone who will accept it, and many muslims are finding faith in Jesus.


036- Joanie Stahl – Mayhem, Trojan Horse & A Chain Link Fence

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