035-Gill Broussard (Pt3)- Planet X & Great Tribulation Near

Episode 035 Of A Minute To Midnite brings Part III of the interview series with Gill Broussard. Gill brings a fascinating perspective to The Book Of Revelation and The Great Tribulation. Comparing science, astronomy and ancient history with the Bible as he outlines a possible scenario that would see us right at the door of great devastation with the return of the mysterious planet that Gill says has wrought destruction on earth in the past . Gill and Tony enter into what is at times a lively debate in this show, and don’t agree on some points, but it is a very interesting discussion that should leave the viewers and listeners to go away and do their own research into End Time scriptures to see if they line up with what Gill presents here. You will certainly not get bored in any way shape or form watching and listening to this show. It should challenge you to the core! Don’t forget to watch parts 1 and II if you haven’t already done so to get the whole picture.

*Disclaimer: A Minute to Midnite is a team. Some of the beliefs and opinions of Gill are not necessarily all held by all of us in the team. We give people a platform to speak, and while we do agree with a good amount of what our guest says, it doesn’t mean we endorse everything lock, stock and barrel. We have learned a lot from Gill and respect his research greatly, though we may disagree with some of his interpretations. But we want to say thank you Gill for a great interview!

035-Gill Broussard (Pt3) – Planet X & Great Tribulation Near

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