033-Gill Broussard (pt2) – Planet X- Historical Records & Potential Close Return

Episode 033 Of A Minute To Midnite sees the return of Gill Broussard for part two of  a three part interview series. He joins Tony to discuss historical accounts of Planet X, and then lays out this belief that it’s return may be imminent. Citing examples of the destruction caused by this planet in the middle ages during some of it’s less close encounters with Earth, Gill asserts that this time around it’s orbit will bring it much closer to the earth than it has in the last several thousand years. According to his research, such close encounters previously had caused the earth to tilt 26-28° and even stop rotating entirely for a periodic of time, and causing great destruction. The most catastrophic of those close encounters was the cause of the great flood of Noah’s day, he says.  If Gill is correct in his assumptions, then this latest pass of the planet will be what sets the Great Tribulation spoken of in The Bible ( Book Of Revelation etc) into motion.

033-Gill Broussard (pt2) – Planet X- Historical Records & Potential Close Return

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