032-Gill Broussard- Part-1- Planet X In The Bible & Ancient History

In Episode 032 of A Minute to Midnite, Tony is joined by Astronomer Gill Broussard in part one of a three part interview series on the subject of Planet X ( also known as Planet Niburu “The Destroyer” or P-7X). In Part One Gill lays a foundation, showing how the orbit of Planet X intersects with that of the Earth every few hundred years. It was seen throughout ancient history, and He believes this is particularly well documented in the bible (in both Old and New Testaments). He sets out to prove that many times this Planet’s appearance has cause major destruction to earth and other planets.  We can see how God used a naturally occurring phenomena that He Created, to do Supernatural things. It’s a fascinating journey back through time. But it also gives us a sombre warning of the End Days, because The Book Of Revelation is absolutely filled with signs that Gill believes shows Planet X “The Destroyer” is very soon to return and cause unprecedented devastation. This interview covers the topic from a biblical and scientific point of view, and Gill shows how the science actually lines up perfectly with biblical accounts.

032-Gill Broussard- Part-1- Planet X In The Bible & Ancient History

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