029 – Troy Anderson -21st Century Church – Asleep At The Wheel

Episode 029 of A Minute To Midnite sees the return of Troy Anderson. Troy, along with co-author Paul McGuire recently published a Book call the Babylon Code. In this show Tony and Troy delve into the possibility of whether or not America could be The Mystery Babylon spoken of in the Book Of Revelation. One of the main focuses in this show is the role of the Church in the run-up to what are potentially End Time Events of catastrophic proportions. It begs the question: Why is the church so silent on subjects like the Return Of Jesus Christ. Why is the Book Of Revelation largely ignored? Could it be that the church is asleep at the wheel in the 21st century? Is it possible that America could be destroyed in one hour, as the Late David Wilkerson  predicted? Is everything controlled by secret societies hell-bent on destruction of the nation?   Is there hope for the church? Is there hope for America?  If so, where is that hope found? Find out why Troy believes there is hope, and where that hope lies!


029 -Troy Anderson – 21st Century Church – Asleep At The Wheel

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