Troy Anderson – The Babylon Code – Unlocking An Ancient Mystery

Published on Feb 11, 2016

Powerful secret societies control our world behind the scenes. Governments are beholden to them, and they have influential members in every area of public office, banking, and the media. In this A Minute To Midnite show, Tony interviews Troy Anderson, who along with Paul McGuire co-wrote The Babylon Code, which has become the current no1 best selling prophecy book. In this fascinating interview Troy and Tony discuss the role of secret societies, such as the Illuminati in the world today.
If you wish to know more about how the ancient occultic secret societies and their bloodlines rule the world today, how they select Presidents of Nations, control the global financial system and are moving us towards a totalitarian New World Order, then listening to this A minute To Midnite interview, and reading the Babylon Code would be a great place to start!

Troy Anderson – The Babylon Code – Unlocking An Ancient Mystery


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