Michael Snyder – Worse Economic Troubles Are Ahead Through 2016

Published on Jan 26, 2016

In this edition of A Minute To Midnite from Jan 26th 2016 Tony and Chris are joined by Michael Snyder, publisher of the economiccollapseblog. He informs us that the world has never seen a year begin with such an economic downturn. Michael discusses the stock market that is collapsing, the baltic dry index being at a record low and how things are set to deteriorate further as the year progresses. He tells us what we can expect in the days ahead, and also how he believes we should be preparing to weather the economic storm. .
Also discussed are the TTPA agreement and Agenda 2030 and how they are tools of the globalists that are being used to advance the world towards a One World Government.

Michael Snyder – Worse Economic Troubles Are Ahead Through 2016

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