Carolyn Hamlett – How The Illuminati Infiltrates Churches To Destroy them

Published on Dec 6, 2015

Carolyn Hamlett is a former Illuminist with abundant knowledge of the plan to bring the world under a totalitarian New World Order. Both Carolyn and her mother before her were personally involved in the infiltration of churches as occultic Illuminists. In this interview she explains how they went about this and why. Also during the course of the interview she reveals how some truly Holy Spirit filled believers in one of the churches that she infiltrated, carried a Spirit more powerful than that found in her “Occult masters”, and how this led to her own conversion to Christ. She encourages Christians to know what the bible teaches, and explains how through the holy Spirit and with the armor of God we can overcome the most powerful entities that the dark spiritual world has.

Carolyn Hamlett – How The Illuminati Infiltrates Churches To Destroy them

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