The Mandela Effect – Deception Or Distraction Part III

                                            By Tony K (June 2017)


The believers in the Mandela Effect who are claiming that CERN is changing verses in the Bible, are essentially claiming that their memories are more reliable than all the weight of written evidence stacked against their memories. They basically also claim that their memories are more reliable than the memories of other people who disagree with them. The belief that thousands upon thousands of copies of multiple printings of multiple books have all been “changed” by some ethereal quantum computing effect, or by a time traveller is absurd. Yet according to the proponents of the Mandela Effect that is what is happening. It doesn’t matter how much evidence to the contrary you put before them, in the minds of these people their memories are more trustworthy than the evidence stacked against them.

I want to bring forth a few examples of the “supposed” changes to the King James Bible that are being claimed to have occurred. I will attempt to show beyond any reasonable doubt that nothing has actually changed at all. Let’s begin with one of the earliest deceptive claims put forth by the Mandela Effect believers. This one is a bit different from many of the other supposed changes, because it affects all versions of the Bible and not just the KJV. It is the belief that Isaiah chapter 11 and verse 6 once said that the lion and lamb would lie down together. I want to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it has always said wolf, and never was lion. If anyone can read through all of the evidence that I am going to present, listen to the audio recordings in the links provided, and still come away believing that Isaiah 11:6 once said something different than it does today, then I am afraid that they are in serious denial of the facts. For the audio recordings to have been altered by some supernatural Mandela Effect, the content and meanings of the entire sermons would have to have been changed! If a person believes that that is what has happened, then such a person is unlikely to believe any amount of evidence that contradicts an irrational belief. It can only show that they probably suffer from something known as Rigid Thinking or Black and White Thinking.



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