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Drag Queens, Children, and the Judgment of America

The depravity of this nation never ceases to amaze me. We are barreling forward at breakneck speed, to complete Social, Moral and Spritual destruction! For those who study history, tell me...what happened to Babylon and Ancient Rome? How about Sodom and Gomorrah? Do we seriously think that YHWH (God) will bless a Nation and completely ignore its prodigious mountain of corporate sin? Do Christians go back to sleep, because their man is in office? I should say not. We are not being blessed. We are not going to be granted a reprieve. "Great Prosperity" will not be awarded to this Nation. I am not a prophet, yet I will prophesy this... America (Babylon) will fall! She will be destroyed. She has sinned greatly against the Elohiym (God) most high! Her transgressions have become a stench in the nose of YHWH. He will not turn a blind eye. He will not let great iniquity go unpunished. He will not prosper a reprobate nation! He is a good judge, and the unjust will be judged accordingly. Our president CANNOT save us. The hopefulness of Mark Taylor will not save America. Do not be decieved. SHE...WILL...BE...JUDGED! YHWH will protect His own. Stay in repentance. Glorify Him in everything you do! Remain in communication with Him, and read and live out His Word. Now is not the time to be lukewarm, complacent nor apathetic.
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