Fire & Freedom and Joanie Stahl’s Field Notes

Folks here are links to the individual Youtube channels of Brook Ardoin and Joanie Stahl, and also their combined Fire and Freedom website. These are extensions of the work of the various members of the  A Minute To Midnite team.

~ Visit Brook & Joanie’s website where the focus is encouraging & edifying the Body; stay in touch with the latest articles, Blogs, Weekly Devotionals, & much more at: 

~ Visit  Brook Ardoin’s “Fire and Freedom” You Tube Channel at:

~ Visit “Joanie Stahl’s Field Notes” You Tube Channel at:

~ Visit “A Minute To Midnite” You Tube Channel at:

~ You can connect with our private Facebook groups at “Fire and Freedom” and “A Minute To Midnite“.


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