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MattS Jan 2018 Part 13 (heresy and false teachings)

As I have studied “Dominionism”, my eyes have been opened to many different ideas, lots of “connect the dots” so to speak. I am starting to form the opinion that “Dominionism” is not a new idea at all. I am beginning to realise that this false teaching is actually an “old lie”.

What is “Dominionism”?

There is quite a lot of information to convey here, so I will try to keep it to the point as much as I can. As always, refer to the research links for more detailed information.

Dominionism can be referred to as “Christian Dominionism” or “Reconstructionism” although “Reconstructionism” would seem to be something related but a little different, so let’s just focus on Dominionism for now.

This is as good a simple definition that I can find for Dominionism. (source link)

The theory or doctrine that Christians have a divine mandate to assume positions of power and influence over all aspects of society and government”.

Dominionism is the idea that Christians have the God-given right to take power and control on the earth. So, where has this idea come from?


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