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Prophetic Dream – A Faceoff of Three Presidents; Is Civil War on the Horizon?

By Joanie S. and Brook A. (October 2017)


In my dream, I came to a body of water.  I knew it was not a pool; neither was it the ocean.  It was a stagnate body of water – a murky and dark type of uninviting water. It was nothing I would ever enter on my own, but rather avoid.  I was aware that I was brought to and guided into this water.  I also knew that the man that is always in my dreams brought me there.  When I stepped in, the water was chest high.

Immediately I saw President Trump standing in it and looking off to something in front of him.  I moved over to stand next to him in order to look in that same direction.  Standing a short distance directly in front of him was Barack Obama.  He was staring back at him but with a look of a dark, evil mockery.  Suddenly, George W. Bush appeared standing at Obama’s left side.


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