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Prophetic Dream – The Sign of the Final End

By Joanie S.

Conclusion by Brook A. (September 2017)


On September 17, 2017, I was visited in a dream by the same heavenly representative that normally is present in the majority of the prophetic dreams given me by the Lord.

Once I woke, I immediately knew this was an urgent message/warning not only for myself, but also for the entire Body of Christ. This is one of the most outstanding warnings given to me about the End Times we are living in. It is a serious matter that we must take to the Lord in prayer, that He may give us the discernment to have the understanding of this sign when it arrives, lest we risk missing it or the deception that comes by missing it.


In my dream, I saw myself walking outside.  The heavenly representative was walking with me.  Immediately, a man came rushing up behind me, frantically crying out to me, “Wait! Wait!”…………….


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