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The Kundalini Spirit

“The Kundalini Spirit”

Matt S September 5th 2017 Part 9 (False teachings/heresy series)


So, what is the “Kundalini Spirit”?  The Kundalini spirit or force is described as sleeping or slumbering at the base of the spine, this latent female energy is coiled and can be awakened through yoga to release enlightenment and bliss……………….. Really?

So that was the Hindu yoga take on this spirit or force.

You may have heard mention of this “spirit” in somewhat negative terms in Christian circles, and in other Christian yoga (yes really!!) circles in more positive terms.  All you need to do is Google “The Kundalini Spirit”.  This will lead you into all sorts of interesting areas.

( Second excerpt)

It is my opinion that with embracing gods other than the one God, the Creator of the Universe, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit (the trinity), we have placed other gods before God.  We have allowed satan to get a foothold in our lives and in our Churches.  In my opinion the manifestation of the Kundalini spirit is a consequence of allowing false gods to come before God, by embracing Hindu practices of Yoga or the awakening of the Hindu false Holy Spirit manifestation.  There are Christians who are embracing the signs and wonders associated with Kundalini spirit, they are describing it as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit and it is NOT.


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