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On Waking Angels

Matt S July 22nd 2017 Part 4 (False teachings/heresy series)

There is a code of sorts in the picture above, a clue is that you will find the code in the Emerald Tablets, and because I don’t necessarily want you reading the Emerald Tablets, you will find the code in the Message Translation of the Bible. (Matthew 6:5-13) Oops!! Did I give something away here? Why do we have something from an occult manuscript in a bible translation?

Did you work out the code from the picture?

I had originally planned to write “on waking angels” this week; however I heard something that spurred me into action to address this area even more keenly than before. In fact there have been several things that have occurred this week that have prompted me to address this subject.

I want to be very clear that that I do believe angels exist and I believe they are Biblical. I have had encounters with them; I will relay several of these encounters to you in this article. But I do believe that there is the potential for an element of deception to creep into the Church. People are giving angels a role that is not biblical; and I believe there is a danger that this may place people in contact with demonic entities, and fallen angelic entities.

Several months ago we had a visiting speaker at Church. He talked about waking angels using a shofar. This just did not sound right, I got a check in the spirit with this. I decided to investigate this matter a little more, as the man also presented with a collection of other RED FLAGS in other areas. Last Sunday there was a mention of a prophecy in the sermon, this prophecy recounts a future event of an angel being raised out of the ground in the area that I live in. This prophecy came from a lady with a well known local/national “prophetic” ministry. I got a couple of emails through my inbox this last week that also referred to angels, one was (from my perspective) “just bizarre”, the other seemed reasonable until I started digging in to it a little more and it linked into a discussion on falling feathers associated with angelic activity…….. (I have included the links to those email articles below under research also, so you can judge for yourselves).


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