Narcissism and the Demonic, is there a Connection?

                                         Matt S December 10th 2016 Part 15.

The picture above shows a veiled impression of something evil, something tormented sitting behind a veneer, a facade. This is what I see when I look more closely at what may lie behind narcissism. Whilst I am not lifting every rock to see if a demon resides beneath, I am also mindful that we cannot just dismiss the attributes of narcissism as merely behavioral or genetic aberrations.

I have read several accounts of people who describe incidents of occult or demonic occurrences around those with clearly defined narcissistic personality disorder; however it is not well or widely documented. People have a tendency in my experience to underreport any occult/demonic type events, due to not wanting to be labeled unstable or a little crazy. I can report from my own experience that there were occult occurrences in my own home as a child.