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Prophetic Dream – Rising Above the Storm; A Glimpse of New Jerusalem


By Joanie Stahl

Foreword and Afterword by Brook Ardoin

(October 2016)

Excerpt From The Article:

We traveled through the thick, black storm clouds and arrived above them.  We hovered above the clouds and there was light.  At first, I thought I was experiencing the light of the sun.  I can best illustrate this as what you see when in an airplane in bad weather. The pilot ascends above the storm into beautiful clear blue skies with the sunlight beaming all around the plane.

However, I did not see the sun. I looked in all directions but could not find it. I marveled at the light because it was not like any light I had ever seen on earth.  The entire atmosphere was bathed in a thick golden light.  It was so golden, full, and rich. It was beautiful, unexplainable using words.

As I looked around, I was drawn to look up. This is what I saw:

I saw what looked like a vast city that lay within the clouds.  It was teeming with buildings. The clouds were not like earthly clouds.  They were different. They were more spectacular – pristine white and reflecting the golden hue of the light.  As I gazed upon the sight before me, I was in awe. It was nothing short of marvelous to the eye.  


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