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“What the Mainstream Media is not telling you about the Fort McMurray Wildfires”

Fort McMurray Wildfires-s

                                                       May 9th 2016 – Matt S

NOTE* Here are Three Excerpts from this article

Excerpt One: I received this email response from friends who live in Alberta Canada after I sent a query about what was happening with the Wildfires in the Fort McMurray area. here is an (edited to protect identity) email I got from them and their views on this matter.

Excerpt Two: Our provinces Premier especially, and our Prime Minister were extremely slow in calling this a national emergency and Premier Notley a month before this cut the provinces firefighting budget by 80%. Weeks ago there were requests for more help and extra equipment and they were denied. Our premier is on the climate change bandwagon big time and absolutely hates the oil sands, even though the sands has been funding all of Canada for years and years.

Excerpt Three:…….you see an increasingly blatant push for so called “Green” Agenda 21/30 policy and ideology. This of course is packaged in the guise of halting climate change and saving the environment, and serves to justify these actions carried out by aforementioned individuals. However there seems to be a more sinister agenda that sits behind the impact that this is having on the Canadians affected by this policy.


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