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Justice Dies – Antichrist Rise – Carolyn Hamlett – J. Stahl – Matt.S

Published on Feb 20, 2016

This is Episode 024 Of A minute To Midnite. It is a bit different from previous episodes in that it features the input of five different people. We welcome “Minuteman” Matt to the aminutetomidnite team. During the show Matt shares some great insights into what the bible actually says about the antichrist. The show kicks off with a lively discussion between Tony and Matt on the death of Justice Scalia, and what this may mean for America. Was it murder?
A short segment of an interview with Joanie Stahl is then played and discussed. In this she speaks of what she was shown about Obama “before he leaves office”. Is this tied to the events surrounding Scalia’s death?

Next is aired a very thought-provoking dream from ex-Illuminist Carolyn Hamlett. She has not been this shared before. Nothing much in the demonic realm normally ever frightens Carolyn. Coming from a deeply occultic past, she explains how during her life, she has had dealings with some of the very worst in the demonic realm. But this dream about Obama scared and shook even her to the core! She describes this dream as ” The scariest dream she has ever had! That’s a lot of dreams and a lot of fright”. But this one eclipsed them all. It’s a Must hear!

Matt’s notes for the middle section of the Show are here:

Obama Coming Out Of The Abyss


Justice Dies – Antichrist Rise – Carolyn Hamlett – J. Stahl – Matt.S

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