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AMTM -Great mention in Omegshock Newsletter

A Superheated Society John Little has given A Minute To Midnite a great mention in his latest Omegashock newsletter. There is a good deal of other stuff in the newwsletter worth reading, but here is the part specific to AMTM: News With Views | Unashamed anti-zionism and demagoguery of Pastor Chuck Baldwin MattS from A Minute To Midnite shared this, and it is incredibly depressing to me. Why? Because I want Christian leaders to be right and true. I want them to embrace the truth, and turn away from lies. And, I hate the need to openly criticize them. And yes, let me repeat: I truly hate the need to call out leaders who commit heresy. But, when someone who calls himself a brother in Christ, rises us and commits heresy, they must be called out publicly. THEY MUST! What Pastor Chuck Baldwin is doing is evil. It was bad enough for him to create this ‘liberty church movement’, where a political idea was held to be more important that God. We now see him engage in outright sin and heresy. If you or your church have ANY association with Pastor Baldwin, you must end it. The judgment of God is coming for him, and you need to stay as far away as possible from the blast zone. And, a big thank you to MattS, for bringing this to my attention. As I said to him in my response to his comment: Evil does not need to be UNDERstood. It needs to be WITHstood. And, speaking of withstanding evil, please tell Tony, Brook, Joanie, Chris and yourself that we all appreciate the effort and sacrifice that all of you are making at All of you are doing a wonderful job, and aren’t getting enough credit for it. But, a crown awaits all who serve Christ faithfully, and that’s the only real reward that any of us seek for. Again, for those interested in what I am talking about here, go to: And, they cannot exist without donations, so do more than just think about helping out: God bless you, Matt. Keep up the good work, brother!
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