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Human Fetal Cell Industry & Covid Vaccines – The Facts

It is important for everyone to have all the information available on the Covid-19 Vaccines (or alleged vaccines) in order to be able to make an informed decision based on the facts, whether or not to accept the jab. A person’s conscience should NOT be violated. Unfortunately many vaccine mandates seem to be ignoring this. One area that should be looked at when making such an important conscience-based decision, is the use of tissue from aborted babies in the vaccines themselves, production of the vaccines, or testing of the vaccines. I was sent the following email by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. They have given me permission to publish it under that agreement. I am not here to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do in respect to this information, but I believe that it is important that people be aware of it. They can then make their own choices on what to do with the information.


Just a suggestion: on your last video (377) you mentioned how alarming and strange is this hard push for the shots and how Christians should watch and be careful.

While I completely agree, I believe there’s a much more compelling argument, without any subjectivity, based on hard evidence, for any Christian to keep away from them – abortion.

Below is the data I’ve gathered after some time of research. Highly recommend reading the paper on the abortion x vaccine industry.

Chart with COVID19 vaccines x aborted babies cell lines, including sources. Anything with a red triangle was developed, tested and/or produced with them.


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