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What it’s Like in France Right Now – Something is Very Wrong with this Picture!

Yesterday I received an email from Ben who lives in France. I thought it was worth sharing here.
The Email:
Hi Tony, Glad to hear about you mate, hope everything is going as you wish on your side of the ocean 😉
Yes I’m still alive as of yet and trying hard to get out of the economical system before it collapses from its own weight. I keep most of the cash at hand in bitcoin format on a binance account that currently is linked to a visa card, allowing me to change bitcoin for fiat as I need it… tought I’d let you know as this is the next best thing to gold/silver for beign out of the system.
About the hospitals, well, nobody is dying outside of the old age care centers (called EHPADS in France) and YES the hospitals are empty of any kind of patients whatsoever as the different departments do NOT perform any kind of treatments as the different departments are ALL closed, be it Cancer treatment, surgery, NOBODY is working in these departments of my town hospital, only one girl here and there to answer the phone, NO MEDICS WORKING . My own example : I should undergo surgery for an Hernia, usually my family doctor should refer me to a surgeon to setup a date for surgery… Well not anymore, no appointments are taken for any treatment whatsoever and the only way for me to get a surgery for that hernia would be to call for an ambulance, get in the hospital by the “Emergency” door and hope that the medic working at the empty emergency ward would be kind enough to treat my hernia as an emergency so that a surgeon would be appointed to perform it… it their call… No other way around. So they let you rot and die, either in the old age care facilities or in your own home as they do NOT admit anyone in the hospitals here, be it for Cancer or any other kind of long term chonic disease, broken legs only!. Besides, if there was really a pandemic, you could see it with your own eyes all around you, you wouldn’t need the TV set to tell you about it… 😉
The date of the 20th is one to watch as Macron will most likely lock the whole country down again… Coincidently with the Jan 20th US inauguration, and last, but not least, Jan 20th is also the date the World Economic Forum meets in Davos, Switzerland… Coincidence? Nah… These guys talk to one another…I tought I may share this one with you; January 19th “01/19” is the mirror date for “9/11″, wouldn’t be in the least surprised we’re on the heels of a massive false flag that would change the world forever. There is a rumor that the US” emergency broadcast system” is now able to broadcat WORLDWIDE simultaneously. The US president could be on every TV set worlwide for an emergency message… If that is true, I would not be surprised that whoever come out as the next President of the USA would also become the “de facto” ruler of the whole world, his commands broadcasted throughout the world at once… That reminds me of the 2017 Economist magasine cover with Trump sitting as “King of the World” on a makeshift tarot card.
Another thing that is worth mentioning is that France is in a process or reorganising the whole infrastructure of its governments services. You have to understand that France is a full socialist country and has been for the Last 20 Years, during wich the government hired more than 2 million employees making the French Government the 1st employer in the Land. It is a dictatorship as far as all the governments as far back as Sarkozy and Hollande have been governing by decree under emergency war powers brought in under the guise of the fight against terrorism, renewed year after year as a new terror false flag was needed each and every year to renew the state of emergency.Now in France we are under a new kind of emergency under the guise of “Biosecurity” but the game is played the same way :there are no more laws voted in parliament, they all are decrees taken by fiat, and half of the time, by unelected EU politicians in sitting Brussels… That want to vaccinate Ya all…
The funny thing is that with all the “work from home” mesures being taken all across the board, the government offices are in much the same state as the hospitals: they do not host live employees anymore; there is no way you can actually take an appointment with a “real” person, be it at “Caisse d’Allocation Familiale”, unemployment insurance” etc… all you can get is a phone interview with a powerless “technician” that refers to his hoigher up and give you an answer 3 days later… A technician that you have to take an appointment with 2 weeks prior. If you can get the phone line, as they are constantly out of order for “technical reasons”. The whole thing is setup as a “DDOS” attack on the unsuspecting masses. A “distributed denial of service” all across goverment bodies in France, as the Internet replacing live personnel is not setup to provide you with more and better services but to deny you access, specially true if your name is on some sort of blacklist the AI happens to know about. Wait ’til they pull the plug on the Internet, for the CyberPolygon attack the WEF ran a simulation for not so long ago… There will be no way to get a hold of anybody anywhere as they all hide under cover of the work from home plandemic… Pretty clever of them; they protect themselves so you wont be able to find anybody accountable around to hang when SHTF… That’s the way I see it… We indeed live in interesting times…
Take good care, the best to you and your wife…
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