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The People of The Opinion “Laodicea”

Matt S AMTM September 2019 (opinion piece).

Recently I have been hearing more about the Church of Laodicea, both from the scriptural perspective of the book of Revelation, and from historical and archaeological information on the city of Laodicea. I was both amused and curious to learn that Laodicea can be definedas meaning “lukewarm” or “indifferent” in reference to religious belief. To look more closely at the root Greek words reveals an even more interesting meaning. The first part of Laodicea is “Laos”in Greek, and means “a people“, the second part “dike”means “a judicial hearing, judicial decision, esp. sentence of condemnation“. Thus we get the common meaning of Laodicea as “the people of the decision” or “the people of the opinion”, or “self opinionated critical people”.


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