Does God have a Plan for us to get through the End Days?

MattS AMTM August 2019 (Midrash)

The World in Chaos

If stick your head out the window at the moment to gaze at the world, you will quickly realise that there is a lot going on. Many non-Christians are realising that the world is very much a mess. Iran is ramping things up in the Middle East. The Right versus Left, Progressive Liberal versus Conservative show is escalating. The controversy of the LBGT Alphabet Soup Gender movement are stamping their mark on the world. Islam, the religion of peace is wreaking terror and havoc, persecuting Christians on what seems to be a daily basis. There are rumours of war and wars going on. Trade wars are looming and economies are tanking. Crops are failing around the planet. The sun is cooling down. Mass shootings seem to be happening on a weekly basis now.

The way people are behaving now is out of control, openly and deliberately violent behaviour, engaging in bizarre rituals, taking drugs that cause them to connect with the spirit world (demonic necromancy). Even day to day behaviour is troubled and troubling; all over the world there are reports of people who seem to be driven to act on their rage and get their own way in matters. I observe these behaviours even in my local community at times, when driving people just don’t seem to be bothered about the road rules. The way many people treat each other now is very disrespectful, discourteous and rude, the love of people has grown cold.

Earthquakes are happening like they’ve never happened before, volcanoes are erupting on a regular basis and the weather seems to be going crazy with larger storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, extreme heat and extreme cold, anyone would be lead to think we are living in the last days…………………………..



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