Would God Judge New Zealand?

Matt S AMTM May 2019 (opinion piece).


Excerpt One: When the terrorist act of a lone gunman occurred in Christchurch ………. Many people from around the world expressed their disbelief that this heinous act had occurred in New Zealand. After all, New Zealand is such a peaceful place at the far ends of the earth, how is it that this small country known for its kindness and generosity in world affairs, could possibly be the location of such a despicable act?

Excerpt Two: In the last few decades, I have witnessed a country that has walked away from God. New Zealand was founded on biblical principles. It has one of the few national anthems in the world that name and glorify God (watch that space), that opened its parliament with a prayer incorporating the name of Jesus. Christian missionaries worked with the Maori people (the people that were here prior to the arrival of European explorers) prior to colonisation in the 19th century. New Zealand also prided itself as a missionary nation that in turn worked to fulfil the great commission of taking the Gospel to individuals in the nations.



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