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My Will Be Done. When prophesy is not prophesy!

MattS AMTM January 2019 Part 22 (heresy and false teachings)

“Pastor Couple Prophesies 2019 Will Be the Greatest Year Ever”

This article, “Pastor Couple Prophesies 2019 Will Be the Greatest Year Ever” found its way into my inbox. As I looked at the title, I thought “Oh No!!, another bit of NAR nonspecific nonsense prophecy” That is the way I am looking at said “so called” prophetic articles these days. The article quoted a verse in Mark 11. They put in the article Mark 11:21-23, but only used verse 23. I looked up the whole passage of scripture the article quoted, and saw that they, (as NAR folk often do) had missed out the relevant and important context of the verse. I want to think nice things about the folks who had written this article, and sometimes I really struggle with that, but the Holy Spirit reminds me that I have also been in great deception and came out of it.

By the way, the couple that wrote this article and had this “so called” prophetic word are “global senior pastors” (GLOBAL??!!) at a Church called “Contagious“, and my first thought was “please Lord, don’t let this be “contagious” but alas, I realised it was too late for that!


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